A wand is a focal point, a visualization tool, a physically manifest invocation of spirit energy. To those residing in spirit, a wand is a ringing telephone. The act of wanding diverts your intentions from the steady stream of routine wants and wishes to the realm of clear, focused, imperative priority.

Wanding is the process of harnessing universal power toward creating the results you desire in your life. It is a proven method for focusing your own energy, calling forth Divine energy, and communicating more effectively with spirit.

The wand may be used as a manifestation tool. The powerful universal law of attraction is always in effect, you are the creator of your life and you create with every thought. As you think you vibrate,as you vibrate you attract. The powerful and beneficial energies of these stones will help you focus and manifest for your highest good.

The wands are also valuable tools for lightworkers and healers. They are being used in Reiki work, soul retrieval,aura cleansing and repair,chakra clearing and balancing,and other healing modalities. They will create sacred space in your healing room,your meditation space, on your altar, or in any room or space in your dwelling.